Prime Life 40 Plus Plan

If you’re aged 40 to 75,






protects you up to: 

P2 Million 

Life Insurance Benefit

P4 Million 

Accidental Death Benefit

Only 12 Years to Pay! 



No Medical Exams!  No Health Questions!

If you are between age 40 and 75, most likely you are now sickly or stricken with hypertension or diabetes because of the stress in your work or because of problems in life. When you were younger, you worked hard for your family, didn’t mind if you were healthy or not. What was important were your family’s basic needs. Most of you probably have not considered buying life insurance because it was not your priority. Now that you have provided for your family’s needs, it may be wise now to think of yourself too. At this age, it will be difficult to buy life insurance for yourself. Most companies will require you to fill-out complex forms, asking about your health, and even subjecting you to a medical examination. Most of you will not be accepted… most will have to pay extra premium.


At last, Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. Inc. developed the Prime Life 40 Plus Plan, a life insurance plan which GUARANTEES your acceptance, no matter what your health condition is. Now is the time to buy a life insurance for yourself so that in your untimely death, you will no longer bother your spouse nor children where to get money for funeral services. The life insurance proceeds will come in handy for this purpose.


Worry-free Life Insurance for the over-40′s

The Prime Life 40 Plus Plan  provides guaranteed life insurance protection for those over age 40. It pays your family a lump sum cash in the event of your death, to help your family pay for final expenses, medical bills left behind, or any outstanding credit card bills or debts. This is an affordable way for you to prepare for the future and feel reassured that things are taken care of – without the worry.


Once accepted, you only have to pay your premiums for 12 years, but you will remain fully covered for life, up to age 100. Imagine, you pay only for 12 years, but your life insurance protection is up to age 100!


The Conditions of Life Coverage…”The Fine Print”

The Life Insurance Benefit begins after the second year of the Policy. Since we accept you without question when you applied for coverage, we will only return the full premiums paid plus 10% interest if you die by natural causes during the first two years. However, if death was due to accidental causes during this time, your loved ones will receive the full Life Insurance Benefit.


This Coverage CANNOT be Cancelled Due to Your Age or Health

           That’s right – as long as your policy remains in force and becomes fully paid after 12 years, you are guaranteed a lifetime coverage up to age 100.  At age 100, when the coverage stops, a cash benefit equivalent to the amount of insurance in your policy will be paid to you less any outstanding policy loan.


Lets You Borrow Money Should You Need It

This feature makes your Prime Life 40 Plus Plan a smart purchase as well as an important financial safeguard! It continues to build cash value over the time your policy is in force, money which you can use as a valuable cash reserve that you can borrow against if you ever need to.


Coverage Available for Your Husband or Wife

Prime Life 40 Plus Plan is a great way to give your spouse valuable insurance protection too! As long as your spouse is between 40 and 75 years old, he or she can apply, also on a guaranteed acceptance basis. All you need to do is photocopy the downloadable simple enrollment form.


The Premium You Pay Today Will Never Change…

Premium is Payable for 12 Years!

We know that with today’s economy, budgets are tight. That’s why Prime Life 40 Plus Plan is a perfect fit! You’ll always have the security of knowing that, for as long as you have this insurance plan, your premium will never increase – despite your age or your health. Your premium stays the same during the 12-year paying period.


Guaranteed Acceptance

As long as you’re aged 40 to 75, you are guaranteed to be accepted for this Prime Life 40 Plus  Plan without medical examination nor complicated health questions to answer. Send no money with your application. Once you receive your policy, review and study the provisions. If you think it is the right coverage for you, then send in your first premium to immediately put the policy in effect. If you decide it is not for you, you can always send the policy back to us. No questions asked, no obligation on your part.


You are Safe with Philippine Prudential 

As a life insurance company, it is the INSURANCE COMMISSION that carefully regulates and closely supervises all our transactions, and not the SEC. Our company abides by the Insurance Code which safeguards the margin of insolvency, security fund, asset values and investments restrictions of all insurance companies. Philippine Prudential, founded in 1963, has been serving the life insurance needs of Filipino families for 50 years now. Serving more than 1.8 million policyholders and their families with over P120 billion business in force, Philippine Prudential is eager to help you live a more secured life with the Prime Life 40 Plus Plan.


Who are Eligible to Apply

1.         You must be between 40 and 75 years old at the time you enroll.

2.         You must send in your enrollment form before the deadline date shown.

3.         You must be a resident of Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, Cagayan de Oro or Davao City.


Download the enrollment form now!