Easy Secure

Philippine Prudential’s EASY SECURE is a participating, limited-pay, life coverage up to age 85 plan.  This plan is best for people who value their hard earned money and seeks guaranteed savings and protection. EASY SECURE provides guaranteed living, maturity and death benefits.   It is a perfect solution for one’s needs for income protection, estate creation and estate conservation.

This plan may be availed by people aged 15 days up to 75.  It is easy on the budget with 3 payment periods to choose from — single-pay, 5-pay and 10-pay.

    Ensures Uninterrupted Income Flow

EASY SECURE guarantees 100% of Sum Assured plus accumulated dividends, if any, should something happen to you.  It is a lump sum amount that your family can use as clean up fund, education fund, and income to allow them to continue living while adjusting to a life without you.

 Unlike traditional plans, you need not wait until age 100 to enjoy the benefits of EASY SECURE.  If you live up to age 85, you will receive 100% of your basic Sum Assured plus accumulated dividends, if any.


      Built-in Total and Permanent Disability Benefit

In the event that the Insured has been diagnosed to be totally and permanently disabled for a period of not less than six (6) months, the Insured can advance an amount equal to 60% of the Sum Assured or Php 1,000,000 whichever is lower.


      Participate in the company’s surplus earnings

EASY SECURE allows you to participate in the Company’s surplus earnings by earning dividends which you can withdraw in cash, use to reduce future premiums, or leave with the company to accumulate at interest.


       Secured source of fund for unexpected financial emergencies

EASY SECURE guarantees cash values which you can borrow in case of financial needs. This plan generates cash values as early as the end of the 1st policy years for the single pay version and at the end of the 2nd policy year for the other payment options.


    Convenient Payment Options

EASY SECURE gives you options on how to settle your premiums, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


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