Double Security Plus

 You deserve to be comfortable in the hospital when you get sick!

 Double Security Plus Plan is a very affordable and comprehensive 3-in-1 insurance program that adjusts to your various needs, covering you with extra cash when hospitalized plus lump sum cash for your loved ones if an untoward incident happens that would take your life. For as low as P4.50 a day, you can be protected from life’s hazards and be at peace knowing that your family is secured.

  • Life Insurance Benefit

Pays your loved ones up to P300,000.00 life insurance.


  • Hospital Income Benefit

Pays you as much as *P3,000.00 a day if confined in the hospital due to sickness or injury. This cash can be used in any way you wish – pay hospital bills, medicines, check-ups, food or even cover household expenses. This benefit is also very useful during your recovery.


  • Burial Expense Assistance

Plan ahead…we don’t know when the inevitable will happen. This cash benefit pays your loved ones up to *P30,000.00 cash that will relieve them of having to make important decisions during a period of great stress and grief.


  • Guaranteed Acceptance and Easy Enrollment

-          No medical examination!

-          No health questions to answer!

-          Very simple and easy enrollment!


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Telephone: (02) 620-3705 or (02) 902-2305

Globe: 0917-562-8555 | Smart: 0928-506-7336


 *based on Plan 300

Acceptance age: 18-55 years old

Exit age: Upon reaching age 65