Assurance for Company Employees (ACE)

 Assurance for Company Employees – ACE  is a complete insurance program for working employees. This will help sustain the living of their families in case of uncertainties of life especially in the loss of the breadwinner.

  • Life Insurance Benefit

Pays your family life insurance benefit. This will provide your family a source income to sustain their living.

  • Medical Reimbursement  

ACE reimburses the actual medical expenses for treatment due to accident.

  • Unprovoked Murder or Assault

Your beneficiary/ies will receive lump sum cash in the event of death due to unprovoked murder or assault.

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit

Plus, your loved ones will receive additional cash for accidental death. This may help pay-off expenses brought about by this inevitable circumstance. This also provides cash benefit for accidental dismemberment and permanent disability due to accident.

  • Cash Burial Benefit

Plus, your loved ones will receive a lump sum cash for burial expenses if you choose to unburden your family in case an untoward incident happens that would take your life.

  • Ambulatory Benefit

This is another feature that makes this plan a smart buy. ACE reimburses for the use of ambulance.

 * Above benefits are also available to employee’s dependent/immediate family.