Philippine Prudential Advisory

Posted July 5th, 2013 in Corporate News by Corporate Communication

In light of recent news about our Company, Philippine Prudential, we take this opportunity to reassure our Valued Clients, Key Stakeholders and General Public of the following:

 That the concerns brought up by the complainants featured in the news reports were due to a product issue which is unique and isolated to the product mentioned.

 Specifically, the concerns focused on claims on a product bonus benefit. As a bonus, certain conditions and requirements had to be complied with. The controversy revolved only on that issue and that particular product.

 Philippine Prudential remains to be a stable, financially strong and capable of meeting all of its obligations as a duly-licensed insurance company by the Insurance Commission. Rest assured that your current Policy with Philippine Prudential is not in any way affected by this ongoing media situation.

For more information, please contact the Philippine Prudential Customer Service Hotline at (02) 902-2300 or E-Mail: mypolicy@philippineprudential.com.

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