Corporate Governance

Philippine Prudential believes in good Corporate Governance and is committed to maintaining it with the help of its Board of Directors, Officers, and Staff, for the interest of the Company and all its stakeholders.


Part A: Rights of Shareholders

 Part B: Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

 Part C: Role of Stakeholders

Part D: Disclosure and Transparency

Part E: Responsibilities of the Board



Annual Shareholder’s Meeting:
Board Committees:
>Audit Committee Charter
>Compensation Committee Charter
>Corporate Governance Committe Charter
>Nomination Commtitee Charter
>Audit Committee Resolution No.1 2014-2015
>Audit Committee Resolution No.1 2015-2016
>Corporate Governance Committee Resolution 2014-2015
>Nomination Committee Resolution No. 2 2014-2015
>Nomination Committee Resolution No. 2 2015-2016
Code, Policies, and Manual:
>Agent Discipline Policy
>Business Conduct Policy
>Code of Corporate Governance
>Whistleblowing Policy
Investor Information:
>Financial Report 2015
>Certificate of Filing of Amended Articles of Incorporation
>Certificate of Filing Amended ByLaws
>General Information Sheet
>List of Stockholders
>Certificate of Approval of Increase in Capital Stock
Minutes, Reports, and Others:
>Corporate Governance Report
>J.A. Banaria & Associates Profile
>Minutes of the Organization Meeting May 2015
>Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
>President’s Report for Fiscal Year 2015