A Good Father

Posted June 23rd, 2015 in Articles by Corporate Communication


If the mother is considered the light of the home or “ilaw ng tahanan”, then a father is the “haligi ng tahanan” which is its walls or its structure. He is the essence of what makes a home sturdy, safe, and secure. He is looked up to by the children for guidance and direction, while being expected to work with the mother in raising and keeping the family together. While there is no such thing as a perfect father, here are traits that one should aspire to be the best father one could which any child would forever be thankful of having.


 1.)    A good father is first and foremost a PROVIDER.

-         He is responsible for his family and sees to it that he provides the basic needs of his wife and children. Even going to great lengths of sacrificing his own comfort for the welfare of the family.


2.)   A good father is a DISCIPLINARIAN

-         Without being violent or cruel, a good father should be able to correct the mistakes of his children with the purpose of guiding them down the right path. This, while also being forthcoming about his disciplinary decisions.


3.)   A good father SPENDS QUALITY TIME with his family

-         Amidst his busy schedule is the time he makes to spend with the family. He may be caught up in providing for the family, but he knows that it is equally important to just be there for his them.


4.)   A good father knows what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is

- He knows how to express the kind of love that transcends boundaries. He accepts that his family can never be perfect, but all the same, he doesn’t let flaws and imperfections limit the love he offers.


5.)   A good father sets a GOOD EXAMPLE but keeps an open mind

-         Children naturally look up to their father for direction. This is why a father must be a good model for their children. At the same time, he is open-minded about the fact that his kids may want to take a path different than what he’s in. Still, he acknowledges this and supports them especially if he sees that it is integral to their development.


6.)   A good father is a SUPPORTER

-         Financially or emotionally, a good father supports his family every step of the way. He is there for his children as they take on the challenges of life, and cheers them on as they pursue their dreams.


7.)   A good father is a PROTECTOR

-         Besides being the pillar of the home, a father is also the shield of the family. He takes extra precautions to make sure that he can protect the family from any physical or emotional harm. However, he remains aware that he can’t always be there for the family. Thus, he takes safety measures to be certain about the protection of the family even after he has passed away like getting life insurance, to avoid leaving his family with financial burden.


8.)   A good father is a TEACHER

-         Together with the mother, a father is responsible for teaching his children the first things they need to know in life. He arms them with practical knowledge to help them survive in the world, but lets them make mistakes for their own good.


9.)   A good father is a FRIEND

-         At the end of the day, what a child needs is someone they could tell their stories to, or talk to about life’s concerns. A good father is a friend who would lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand. He is what a child knows to be a person they can always count on because he’s always there.

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